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Clinton Music Studios offers both in-person and online private music lessons on:








Music Production



Clinton Music Studios offers lessons for students of all skill levels and will customize a lesson plan according to the students’ goals and interests. We are guided by what the students' interests are, not a pre-defined curriculum. One size doesn’t fit all, so lessons will be customized to meet individual musical taste, style and goals. Learning is best and most successful when it is based on student interest and most importantly fun. We incorporate a balance of traditional teaching methods and the use of modern technology in our lessons. Our instrument lessons will emphasize proper technique, reading music and other musical skills. Students take these skills and techniques and apply them to songs they are learning or creating. 

Our music production students utilize our professional recording studio to learn about the process of creating and recording music. Students will learn about analog and digital recording, editing, mixing, signal flow, sampling, MIDI, microphone techniques and industry standard software such as Pro Tools and Logic. 

Our songwriting students learn about writing lyrics and melodies, song structure and music theory to create their own music. Songwriting students will also have the opportunity to utilize the recording studio to record their original music. 

We employ experienced, passionate instructors to mentor and build relationships with students, their families and the community. 

Our weekly lessons are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.

Reserve your time for a free trial lesson! Contact us today.

Band programs are designed to enrich our private instruction. Learn more about the performance opportunities in our band programs. 

Music is a lifelong journey that starts here at Clinton Music Studios.

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Young Drummer
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