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Clinton Music Studios is a locally owned modern music school and studio, conveniently located near Routes 78, 22 and 31. CMS was founded to provide quality instruction to allow students to play the music they enjoy while benefiting from the social, emotional and intellectual benefits achieved through music education.  Instruction and performance opportunities are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Our goal is to provide a foundation of musical skills, experiences, and performance opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, inspiring them to reach their full musical potential. Oh yes we will have some fun along the way too!

Individual and Group Programs
We provide individual and group programs in a professional environment so students will get the most of their education. One size doesn’t fit all, so programs and lessons will be customized to meet individual taste, style and goals. Group programs allow students to learn faster when they play with others and will include an end of season performance for family and friends. Master classes are offered to learn about instrument maintenance and repair, music history, music theory and audio engineering including other relevant topics to provide a well-rounded music education. An onsite recording studio allows students to create music and learn about music technology. Our studio also offers audition recordings, band rehearsals, podcasts, etc.

Our Instructors

We employ experienced, passionate instructors to mentor and build relationships with students, their families and the community. We incorporate a balance of traditional teaching methods and modern technology in our lessons. Learning is best and most successful when it is based on student interest and most importantly fun.

What makes Clinton Music Studios different is that we offer a complete music education in our professional custom designed facility.

Our diverse offerings set us apart. Our programs include private instruction, group programs, master classes, music technology, and songwriting. All styles of music are welcome and encouraged. We are guided by what the students' interests are, not a pre-defined curriculum.

Please check out our programs to find one that best suits your individual needs and sign up for a free trial lesson.

Music is a lifelong journey that starts here at Clinton Music Studios.

Recording Music
Music Recording
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